"Hallelujah" Lyrics

I rewrote the words to the song "Hallelujah," made famous in the movie Shrek. I want to get this onto YouTube or something sooner or later.


Oh, in the dark Gethsemane,
His soul the traitor's fatal fee;
For thirty silver coins, he led them to You.
Then sinner's kiss on Savior's cheek
"This man is He, the one you seek!"
Oh, Why'd we ever leave the Hallelujah?

I left you in the dark to pray;
I fell asleep, I fell away.
They asked me and I said I never knew you.
But when it comes, the dawn sublime,
I see the light, and every time
The rooster crows, it's singing, "Hallelujah!"

Beside the king, a broken thief,
But on the cross his last relief;
The only one who ever understood You.
"I tell you, ere the sun arise,
I'll be with you in paradise
And we will all together Hallelujah!"

They hanged You on that bitter tree,
My King on cross on Calvary;
With spears and nails and thorns, they overthrew You.
"My God, my God," your broken plea,
"Oh, Why have You forsaken me?
I need You and I need Your Hallelujah!"

But soon to come that hallow-day
When earth and sky shall pass away
And all the saints, enraptured, will come to You.
When every tongue will swear the vow
And every knee, in awe, will bow
To You and to Your glory, Hallelujah!


Kate said...

This is amazing. Good job! :)

Speaker for the Dead said...

Thanks, Kate!

WaGer said...

Love it. Thanks for the link, Katy!!

WaGer said...

Me and another brother down here did the song on uke & guitar. It's not perfect, but we only had 20ish minutes to record it :)

Enjoy and thanks for the lyrics!