Scapegoating Wikipedia (Whom I Love)

From Wikipedia's article on Islamic terrorism:
"This form of terrorism is an outgrowth of political conviction, which the perpetrator believes to be a religious duty, owing to a wrong interpretation of Islam."
Um, how is it that a supposedly neutral encyclopedia is telling us which interpretation of a certain religion is correct?

For that matter, why is it that millions of Americans who know nothing about Islam swear it is a religion of peace?

I'm not saying that Osama bin Laden is interpreting Islam correctly (the Qur'an specifically forbids suicide, so I personally think he's out of luck). But people shouldn't make sweeping pronouncements about religions without first seeking to understand them. And the vast majority of people who say Islam is a religion of peace don't even know what a hadith is.

Ironically, this same ignorance also leads to an irrational fear of Islam in some segments of the American population.

Imagine if Wikipedia's article about Catholicism said Catholicism was the "wrong interpretation" of Christianity. This isn't much different.

And before we make sweeping statements about Islam (or any other religious tradition), we should probably take some time to learn about it. Because knowledge is power!