And We're Not Even in a Recession Yet...

The problem here is that this media coverage negatively affects consumer confidence...which negatively affects the economy.


sfredspot said...

Except if this guy is right, in which case we very well may be:


Speaker for the Dead said...

Well, if we are, that sucks. I can't read the article, for some reason.

But how much is negative consumer confidence affecting that?

Here's what I think:

1. First of all, the public and politicians need to become MUCH more educated on the economy. Like, INSANELY so. Think about something like health care. EVERYONE has an opinion, and NO ONE has bothered discussing the issue with a variety of economists specializing in health care.
2. The environmentalists are going to screw over our economy even more than they already have.
3. So is too much government spending and debt (for which the Iraq war is partially responsible)...


4. We can't keep protecting manufacturing jobs. This is, unfortunately, the 21st century, and we can't compete in manufacturing industries with poorer countries. This means protectionism, unions, and anti-NAFTA sentimentality have to go.

5. Etc., etc., etc.