Men Have Forgotten God

I thought this was really interesting. Custardy posted an excerpt, but I think the whole thing bears reading. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn himself is a fascinating man.

I'm not sure I completely agree with him; I think this was written in 1983, under the shadow of a still-extant Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. But even if our world has improved materially, I would agree that it is decaying spiritually and morally. (I am cognizant of my bias, as a conservative and a traditionalist, to idealize the past. I still think this is true, though.)

The irony is that religion is often blamed for many of the world's conflicts today, the most obvious example being today's Islamofascism. However, I could (and would) make the argument that these incredibly religious Muslims have forgotten God just as much (and perhaps even more) than most atheists. Because God is Love. Deus Caritas Est. And their damage pales in comparison to the atrocities perpetrated by Stalin.

(I also might disagree with what he said about nuclear bombs. Not sure.)

Regardless, it is a fresh and different perspective on the state of modern society. I'm sure it is also controversial.