Our Screwed Up World

Sometimes, I wonder if my conservative bent isn't warranted.

Then Yale University does things like Yale Sex Week. And I realize that maybe I'm not crazy, after all.

(Don't worry, I still know I'm crazy.)

So to all the people at Yale, I have a few questions:
  1. Feminists, do you really think equality for women will come by reinforcing men's notion of women as objects of pleasure and arousal? And do you really think you're good-looking enough that men focused solely on sex and physical appearance will devote themselves to you monogamously or for extended periods of time? (In case you haven't figured it out, there are millions of women better-looking than you...no matter who you are. Call it Porter's Paradox.)
  2. You guys have a Family Values Week, right? Because I would hate to think Yale is biased...
  3. Don't you think this week could be offensive to "traditional" or "old-fashioned" students and faculty who don't think sex is an appropriate theme for an entire week at an institution of learning? Would you have a week that could possible offend African-Americans in a similar manner? Is there possibly a double standard in your idea of political correctness?
  4. Have you guys figured out the correlation between sex and sexually transmitted diseases yet? I'm glad you invited an executive from Trojan Condoms to present an undoubtedly unbiased view on sexual health.
  5. According to Sex Week's website, the program is designed to "pique students' interest" in sex. Um...do you really think they need any piquing?
  6. Do you think your students will want to meet the porn stars you invited on campus out of academic curiosity? Do you find porn stars more reputable than the military recruiters you don't allow on campus?
(End of rant.)


Corey said...

Ok, so I looked at the website, figuring there had to be some sane rationale behind it. Apparently not.

What are they thinking?

Speaker for the Dead said...

I seriously think it's a ploy to attract applicants from other Ivies to Yale. You know how...excitable...male college applicants can be.

Spaceman Spiff said...

Meanwhile at ACU we have sacred relationships week: http://www.acu.edu/news/2008/080222_Sacred_Relati.html

I think you're right that part of the reason this stuff happens is that it is popular, but another reason is that Yale most likely stands to make money more directly from such events if the sponsoring company is paying them.