Some Sonnets

A couple more sonnets. The first is the one I did for the Literary Fair. I had to write it in forty minutes, so it's overly grandiloquent on purpose. The second one here is kind of random; I wrote it, as a joke, for the door of my host at Boston College. My other sonnets are here.
10. This World Alone

This world alone doth not suffice.
My silent, everlasting grief
Cannot be quelled by mortal vice,
By joys too rare, too mild, too brief!
Oh! Were I ancient as the Earth,
My life is still a passing mist,
For it shall end. And what's Life worth
That's past, forgotten, gone, Death-kiss'd?
Would I could conquer Time's offense
And glance upon the evermore!
All else is but a vain pretense.
I seek a new celestial shore!
But Life is naught; my Death is sure.
And I must ask, "Doth aught endure?"
11. Poema Nicolai

Dear Stranger, Heed my caveat
Before the threshold Thou wouldst cross!
Lo! those who do departeth not.
They know 'twould be but to their loss.
For chancing 'pon our fam'd estate,
Escapest Thou Thine Earthly plane
And soarest past the pearly gate.
We live within the heav'nly fane!
Here, worlds are rent at our command,
The Sun is swallowed by the shade
And muses, form'd of shifting sand,
Perform th'eternal serenade
While gods assembled roll and rock.
But prithee, Ere Thou ent'rest, knock!